More often than not, it's a walk through the woods that sparks the moment of inspiration for Cassie Shawver's paintings. She harbors a deep appreciation of nature in all its forms, and as an artist she tries to share that sense of wonder with the viewer. Her beloved collection of antique field guides has been a major inspiration for her most recent work, leading to images that are both beautiful and educational. Whether the illustrations tend more toward the ethereal (as seen in her personal paintings), or toward the quirky and adorable in her art for little ones, it's the natural world that ties everything together. 

Cassie's favorite part of the artistic process (besides the initial nature walk, of course) is planning the hand lettering she often includes in her compositions--fine details are so satisfying! Her favorite mediums to work in are watercolor and gouache, but thanks to an education from the Columus College of Art and Design, she is capable and confident working in nearly all media.


The artist lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, wee babe and spotted hound. She currently enjoys working as a freelance illustrator and designer, with a dash of face painting on the side for added fun!